Go with Your Gut provides a wide array of customized service to help individuals and corporations thrive on change, facilitate and collaborate on goals to attain breakthrough results.  The following services can currently be obtained directly through contacting Ilise Ratner at iratner@go-with-your-gut.com. 

  • Health and Wellness Coaching – individual and corporate
  • Health / Nutritional Consulting: Celiac Disease / Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance
  • Wellness Business Mentor/Coaching for IIN Students
  • Gluten Free Mastery 4 sessions (includes health consultation)
  • Gluten Free Consulting (individual/group/business/manufacturer/restaurant)
  • Grocery Store Tour for Healthy Living
  • Grocery Store Tour for Healthy Gluten Free Living
  • Marketing Consultant to Gluten Free Vendors
  • Gluten Free Training (any size kitchen)
  • Healthy Menu Planning (including gluten free menu planning)
  • Healthy Kitchen Make-Over (including a healthy gluten free kitchen)
  • Food Service Employee Education (emphasis on safety)
  • Gluten Free education and support for doctors, nurses, teachers, nutritionists, health coaches
  • Gluten Free Product Development