Are you a medical and/or healing practitioner?

While you are excellent at what you do, you may not have the time to devote to each of your clients/patients to co-create specific goals with them and ensure they make healthy choices daily. That’s where they could benefit from working with a Holistic Health Counselor/Coach to complement your efforts.  Applying your guidelines on a practical level, and leveraging my own training and professional experience as a certified Wellness Coach and Holistic Health Counselor, I help clients develop a daily plan that works for them. Thereafter, I partner with them regularly to keep them focused, on track and moving forward, making incremental progress over time.

It’s rare for anyone to get in-depth time and commitment from a trained professional to work with them on their nutritional and health goals. Please consider referring clients to me to extend the good work that you already do, while providing a value-added service. Conversely, I will be more than happy to refer clients to you whenever appropriate.